Information for New Membership Applicants

This summary will help you understand the various steps an application goes through in the membership process.

  1. When an application is received, all relevant information required is confirmed;
    i.e. complete documentation, application fee, references and signature.
  2. Reference forms, along with a photocopy of the applicant’s submitted job description, are forwarded to each of the referees. Applicants are urged to request their referees return the forms promptly as an application will be delayed until all forms have been returned.
  3. When all documentation is complete, the applicant’s file is presented to the Certification Board.
  4. A delay in the process may be caused by failure to include evidence for courses taken, schools graduated from, etc. All Community College technology program graduates must include a photocopy of their diploma.
  5. Following Certification Board review of an application, one of the following actions may be taken:
    1. recommend certification / designation, Professional Technologist (PTech), Certified Technician (CTech) or grant Associate status;
    2. request additional documentation from applicant;
    3. withhold certification until all academic or experience requirements have been met;
    4. obtain an evaluation of academic credits;
    5. reject the application.
  6. Following the Certification Board review, a successful applicant is required to remit the current year’s membership dues (which are pro-rated during the year), with the completed Professional Practice and Ethics Examination (PPE) if applicable.
  7. Upon receipt of applicable dues and successful completion of the PPE, the applicant’s name and relevant information is forwarded to Society Council, which has the authority to grant membership. Full membership is provided to all applicants who are granted certification under the provisions of the Engineering Technology Act. Membership fees, due when certification is recommended, must be paid prior to entry into the Register. (Engineering Technology Act 16(a)(b)). Certification is not awarded to the applicant until the applicant’s name is entered into the Society Register. Engineering Technology Act 2(I)

General: Applicants do not apply specifically for either the Professional Technologist or Certified Technician. The Certification Board automatically awards the membership category that, based upon information supplied in the application, the candidate is eligible to receive.

Upon payment of the first year’s Annual Dues and authorization by Council, the member will receive:

  1. official letter notifying the applicant of certification and designation;
  2. Wall Certificate; Wallet Card & Receipt; corrected copy of Professional Practice & Ethics examination if applicable;
  3. validation seal, and any other pertinent information; and
  4. information on consumer benefit programs, including insurance, leasing, health and investment, endorsed by NBSCETT.

Each application is dealt with on a strictly confidential, individual basis. Thank you for your support of the Certified/Professional Society.

Kenneth C. Brown, PTech