National Certification

MetalProcessing-RoboticWeldingThe designation granted by NBSCETT recognizing an individual’s professional status worldwide, (since 2005) PTech or CTech (since 1999) are protected trademarks for exclusive use. Only certified members in good standing may use these titles and proclaim themselves as Certified Technicians or Professional Technologists.

Other designations which have been granted by NBSCETT and are still recognized worldwide are Certified Engineering Technician (CET), Certified Engineering Technologists (CET) and Applied Science Technologist (AScT).

Upon successful completion of a national accredited post-secondary two or three-year applied science or engineering technology program, the graduate in New Brunswick may join the Society as a “Technology Graduate In Training” (TGIT). This membership category acknowledges the person has the prerequisite academics for future certified membership application. While garnering the 24 (twenty-four) months of relevant discipline specific technical experience also required for certified membership application, TGIT’s are able to participate in the professional development, social, employment benefits and affinity benefit activities and endeavours of the Society. All graduates of the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board/Technology Accreditations Canada, nationally accredited applied science and engineering technology programs of the New Brunswick Community Colleges have completed the Society’s Professional Practice and Ethics course and examination, therefore not requiring additional testing in the certified membership application. All applicants who have not graduated with having completed the course and examination must write the Professional Practice and Ethics examinations as part of the Society’s certified membership application process. Discipline specific technical work experience during an applied science or engineering technology college co-op program may be accepted as a portion of the total twenty-four months requirement. The purpose of the discipline specific technical work experience requirement is to ensure the applicant can apply the principles of applied science/engineering technology gained through academic study, and has the minimum experience in the practical applications and procedures required in the workplace.

Each application for certified membership is dealt with strictly individually by the Society’s Certification Board. Following confirmation of academics, and receipt of technical work experience resumés and confirmed by the applicant’s references, certified members of a variety of disciplines participate in the review of certified membership applications. The Certification Board reviews the technical experience resumé for discipline specific complexity of work individual judgement and responsibility required, and the initiative in the workplace, additional professional development and the responses from the references.

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