1685808As the certification of technicians and technologists becomes more commonplace, it is clear that business, industry and government will be implementing these categories into their work structures. In many cases it is the employer which is the driving force behind an individual’s desire for certification. NBSCETT is finding that as the employers realize all the benefits to their organization and their technical staff, they are demanding or requesting certification of all their “techs”.

Employers need be sure about what they’re getting, and with the constant changes in training levels, the variety of non- New Brunswick trained individuals available, and the speed of technical change, NBSCETT certification is one way to ensure an individual has met a recognized national standard. NBSCETT recommends employers use the phrase, …”applicants must be eligible to be and maintain membership in the New Brunswick Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists.” in employment opportunity advertisements for all technical positions, as well as the employer’s job descriptions for non-posted technical positions.

Employers often inform NBSCETT that they value the Code of Ethics under which members practice, as well as the extra measure of credibility their organization enjoys when using and advertising certified personnel. This is particularly relevant for contractors and consultants, since certification illustrates a concern for competence and quality.

It is NBSCETT’s intention to maintain, and increase if necessary, the standards by which certification is granted. This is absolutely essential in order to retain the credibility and recognition already achieved. There is no acceptable reason to lower standards in order to simply increase membership numbers….the value of certification for all members and all publics would then be lost.

NBSCETT: is striving to maintain technical quality within the New Brunswick Community College system; is working with technicians about upgrading they must complete to apply for reclassification to technologist; is continuing to work for the recognition of members; and, is endeavouring to impress upon the elementary and secondary school systems a need for guidance towards careers in science and technology for New Brunswick youth.

The Society’s role in this province is not only to administer the Engineering Technology Act, but also to support and maintain nationally recognized levels of post-secondary engineering and applied science training programs through an accreditation process involving Certified Engineering Technologists/Technicians of New Brunswick and of other  societies of the Technology Professionals Canada (TPC). This training program review and accreditation process involving certified individuals, recognized by their industry, are able to bring up-to-date input to the particular discipline curriculum.

The short and long term effects on these accredited training programs when graduates do not undertake certified membership in this self-governing body are quite self evident. Since the national accreditation process requires certified members, and if the membership support to the Society is not maintained, then the training programs currently accredited in this province will fail to receive that designation in just five years. Should this occur, the New Brunswick workforce will be filled with individuals who have been given training which may not be up to any recognized level for certification, and employers will be looking everywhere else, (especially outside New Brunswick) for new employees. The same would hold true for any such organization involved in accrediting training for the future and the support is not maintained.

New Brunswick’s economic future depends on the skills and knowledge of members in the workforce, and on the effectiveness with which these can be applied to new opportunities. NBSCETT participates in the; competency based standards for technicians and technologists in the thirteen technology field disciplines; architecture and building; biosciences; chemical; civil engineering; electrical; electronics; forestry; instrumentation; mechanical; mineral resources; petroleum; and survey.

Should you require any further detailed information of the NBSCETT or its activities and endevours, or assistance in a search for qualified individuals as employees, please do not hesitate to contact this office.