Alternative Career Pathways

The engineering and technology professions offer excellent opportunities for employment and career advancement in Canada.  Depending on your background, your academic credentials and experience may lead you to a career as a licensed engineer or alternatively they could lead you to a successful career as a professional applied science or engineering technologist or technician.

Many new arrivals to Canada who are internationally trained engineers become licensed and find employment directly related to their field of work.   However, this is not always the case as licensure as a professional engineer may require additional academic training which could take several months or years to complete.   Another option is to consider choosing an alternative career pathway based on your existing skills that could provide more immediate employment with minimal or in some cases no additional academic training.

When considering which pathway is right for you it is important to note that skills and experience gained in one engineering discipline often have application in other disciplines.   If you have international training or experience in engineering, applied science or technology there are literally hundreds of alternative occupations where your skills may immediately be applied.  You should consider all your options and discover which pathway or pathways might result in your successful employment in the shortest time possible based on your skills and experience.

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