What is a certified technician?

The Certified Technician (CTech) or Certified Engineering Technician (CET) is a professional capable of carrying out responsible and varied technical tasks usually in a specialized portion of the fields of applied science or engineering technology. Through the accumulation of academic qualifications, training and experience, the technician assumes responsibility for many aspects of work within this specialized portion of the field of practice. The technician is a graduate of an accredited certificate program (typically one or two years duration) or equivalent, who has completed two or more years of progressive experience in an area of work directly related to the program and who has received favourable supervisory references.

The Certified Technician has studied a curriculum based upon a core of applied mathematics and science fundamentals essential to the discipline of study. The academic and theoretical portion of a program of training is suitably reinforced by laboratory and project experience amounting to approximately one third of the total program.

The Certified Technician generally uses a practical approach in solving technical problems based upon a detailed understanding of standard methods and techniques. The technician works under general supervision in areas such as engineering, architecture, building, surveying, forestry, bio-sciences, chemistry, and resource or systems management. Typical activities include testing, troubleshooting, inspection, calibration, design drafting, quality control, maintenance, modelling, data compilation, estimation, sales, surveying, and field supervision.

The Certified Technician examines assignments, objectives and instructions to select procedures and actions to resolve the assigned problem. While some duties of the technician may be similar to skilled crafts or trades workers, these duties would usually apply to some sophisticated equipment or processes and be of a non-routine nature. Many of the duties of the technician are similar to those of technologists and other professionals, but normally will be in a specific area of specialization. Many technicians, through long experience in the field, become recognized as technical experts. The certified technician is bound by a professional code of ethics and is recognized throughout Canada by either the designation CTech or CET.