Welcome to the Whodunit! Game. This game allows you to sharpen your detective skills and solve Mystery Profiles. The game is quite easy: you uncover Clues on each Profile Screen until you're ready to solve the Whodunit! Mystery.
There are 6 Mystery Profiles to solve, one in each of the 6 Sections in this program. Each Mystery Profile has 10 Clues. You can access a Clue from each Profile Screen by selecting Clue from the Profile Screen sub-menu. When you are ready to identify the Mystery Profile, click the Solve button from the Clue Screen.

When you're ready to start playing, go to a Profile screen to start finding Clues.
Profile Sections:
Naturally Inclined
Earth's Treasures
Making it Work
Splitting Atoms
Connecting Circuits
Breaking New Ground
Click here if you're ready to solve one of the Mystery Profiles.