International Mobility

CCTT participation in the IEA has also given way to the recent establishment of two new international designations recognized within the alliance that will allow technology professionals who are certified in Canada to have their credentials recognized by other IEA signatory countries overseas. Through the International Engineering Technology Agreement (IETA) 2001, CCTT now offers an International Engineering Technologist designation — IntET (Canada), introduced in Canada in 2014. A second Agreement on International Engineering Technicians (AIET) signed by CCTT at the IEA meetings in Turkey this past June will soon establish a new International Engineering Technician – IntETni (Canada) for technicians.

The new designations provide certified technology professionals seeking overseas employment opportunities with a competitive advantage by having their redential recognized internationally. They may also benefit employers wishing to deploy certified technology professionals possessing the international designations on international projects within the IETA and AIET member countries. Moreover, they reinforce the value of CTAB accredited programs to Canadian graduates seeking to expand their professional recognition in Canada and abroad.

These new agreements bring all of CCTT’s provincial members (and their certified technicians and technologists) coverage under the international
educational accords — the Sydney Accord for Technologists and the Dublin accord for Technicians — as well as under two international mobility agreements — the existing IETA for technologists and the new AIET that will cover technicians.

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